Success Stories

Plane landing

Anişoara bought a round trip plane ticket from an Austrian company. On the day of the return flight, once she reached the airport, Anișoara found out her flight was cancelled. As she knew her right as an air passenger, she tried to find another return flight, but with no success. Eventually, the company offered her a re-routing flight later that day. Anișoara reached Bucharest, her destination, after midnight. Unsatisfied with this situation and believing the company has not given her enough assistance, as she was pregnant at the time, Anișoara contacted the European Consumer Centre Romania. In the end, ECC Romania, with the support of ECC Austria, managed to obtain from the company for Anișoara the compensation for cancelled flight (250 EUR).


Cosmin traveled with his wife to Tenerife for their honeymoon. The flight Bucharest-Madrid-Tenerife was operated by a Spanish company. At destination Cosmin did not find his luggage and had to buy clothes and hygienic products for a total value of 355.35 EUR. Upon return, in Bucharest, again one of the luggage was missing. As he had to go in a trip the following day, he had to buy again strict necessity goods to replace those from the second missing luggage. Eventually, after few days, the second missing luggage was found and returned to Cosmin. The first lost luggage was never found. Cosmin sent a complaint to the Spanish company and asked for a compensation that would cover the value of the lost items in the first luggage and the amounts spent to buy the object needed as his luggage was lost and delayed. The company offered him only 500 EUR. As he disagreed with the offer, Cosmin contacted ECC Romania and, with the help of ECC Spain, the company agreed to pay a total compensation of 1524 EUR.


Csaba bought Smart TV LED from an online shop in Hungary. After the product was delivered and started, Csaba noticed a black spot on the screen. He immediately contacted the seller and sent pictures of the TV and the package. The package had no trace, so the seller asked for a document that would show at the moment of delivery Csaba complaint to the courier. This document was impossible to be provided, as the defect could only be noticed after the TV was started. The seller refused to take any measure. Csaba contacted ECC Romania and, with the help of ECC Hungary, the seller agreed to refund the price paid, 520 EUR.


Sorin ordered a pair of snowboard links from a seller in the United Kingdom. He found the product on the website by applying a filter which should have shown only products for men. Upon delivery, Sorin noticed on the box the product is for women and, naturally, it did not fit, being smaller. Sorin contacted the British seller, explained the problem and asked for a refund. The seller insisted the sent product was correct and refused any refund. Sorin contacted ECC Romania and, with the support of ECC United Kingdom, he was reimbursed the 70 EUR he paid.

Car rental

Isac booked on an Irish trader website a car to be picked up from a rental company in Italy. At destination, the Italian company offered him an insurance with a value 8 times higher than what he already paid for the booking and Isac refused. Due to this the Italian company asked him to make a deposit of 1900 EUR. Isac called the Irish company and asked for explanation, but never received one. Eventually, after some discussions, Isac decided to buy the insurance, but even in this situation, the Italian company asked him a deposit of 400 EUR. To finalize the transaction Isac presented his credit card, which was refused, as the Italian company representative said it was a debit card. Isac called again the Irish trader and was advised to rent from another company in the airport and was promised he will be refunded the amount he already paid, plus a difference between the new price and what he would have had to pay if the original booking would have been used. Upon return home, he sent a refund request to the Irish company for 300 EUR. Also, he sent photos of his credit card, a bank letter confirming it is a credit card and a document showing he had on the card the whole amount of the deposit, but the company failed to make a refund. Isac contacted ECC Romania and, with the support of ECC Ireland, the trader accepted to pay him 300 EUR.

Car rental

Mihaela traveled to Germany to participate in a marathon. For the journey she decided to use a car rental company. After 2 days, when she returned the car, the car rental company representative informed her he has noticed a defect in the door. Although Mihaela told the representative this was not her fault, he decided to tax her with 950 EUR, the total value of the insurance policy. Mihaela contacted ECC Romania and, in cooperation with ECC Germany, it was discovered there was no proof to show the car had or not the defect before the rental, so the company gave up its claim and refunded the 950 EUR to Mihaela.


Lucia ordered online a pair of sandals from a trader in Poland. After two-three days of wear the sandals’ leather started to crack, although the sandals were a correct measure and fit very well. Lucia made immediately complaint and sent back the product for a check. The Polish seller rejected the complaint, claiming the defect appeared due to the fact Lucia choose a wrong measure and forced the product, which was not true. Lucia contacted ECC Romania and, eventually, with the help of ECC Poland, the seller accepted to refund the sandals’ price, 280 RON.

Vacuum cleaner

Sanda bought a vacuum cleaner from a e-shop in Hungary. After three months, the vacuum cleaner stopped working. To be repaired, Sanda contacted a service in Romania. As the vacuum cleaner could not be repaired, Sanda received from the service a document authorizing the product exchange, which was sent, in original, to the seller in Hungary. The seller refused to exchange the product with a new one. Due to this, Sanda contacted ECC Romania, which sent the case to ECC Hungary. ECC Hungary contacted the seller which accepted to refund Sanda the total cost of the product, 350 EUR.