Car rental

 What do you need to know before renting a car?

  • it is advisable to do an analysis of prices and conditions offered by the rental companies.
  • check the means of payment accepted in online booking
  • ask for  information about the minimum rental period, time in which to make a reservation, the geographical area covered;
  • ask for additional information about the price options (child seats, additional drivers, additional insurance, etc.).
  • ask for information about the necessary documents to take over the rented car
  • ask for information about technical condition of the car, and about the types of insurance included in the price;
  • check the traffic laws of the country where rental car ride;
  • make sure you receive confirmation of booking and rental terms and conditions.

What do you need to know after renting the car?

  • before signing a rental contract, check the technical conditions of the car in the presence of the rental company;
  • read the rental contract carefully and seek clarification if you don’t understand its terms;
  • check if the contract includes the same elements as in the reservation;
  • check if additional elements are included in the rental rate are available;
  • check fuel level;
  • ask the rental company representative to make reference in the minutes of pick-up receipt on all vehicle receiving damage found during its inspection and about the fuel level after pick-up and drop-off of the car;
  • do not sign the minutes of pick-up receipt before checking if any damages were recorded;
  • make sure that the minutes of pick-up receipt is signed by company representative, as evidence;
  • in case of  accident follow the instructions of the rental contract on notify the company, obtaining documents necessary to carry out repairs;
  • if an accident occurs, note the name and contact details of all persons involved, informed the police in case of disagreement regarding the responsibility of the accident;
  • make sure you parked the car  in specially designated spaces;
  • car shooting as evidence that you returned in the same condition that was shipped;
  • keep receipt  from the fuel filling stations
  • keep the rental contract, bills, correspondence and photos made for the eventuality disputes.

More information:

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Level 2 – We do not have a specific information material on car rental.

Level 3 – There is no specific legislation regarding car rental.