ECC-Net: Travel App

ECC-Net: Travel App

post_02You bought something during the holiday and shortly after it proved defect? You had problems with car rental or accommodation when you made thereservation from home? The return flight was delayed? If you holiday proves to be different from what you planned, you should know what to do and how to use your European rights.

European Consumer Network (ECC-Net) launched a unique mobile app – ECC-Net: Travel App. The app helps consumers to get out of difficult situations while on holiday and to express their consumer rights in the language of the destination country, giving them legal information and language support for the 24 EU official languages, plus, Norwegian and Icelandic.

You will have on your phone information on: passengers rights, air, bus, rail and sea transport. One of the sections gives useful information on important phone numbers and contact details for urgencies.

The app is free and can be used offline and it can be downloaded here for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows: