What is ECC Romania?

What is ECC Romania and was it founded?

At 1st of January 2008 the European Consumer Centre – ECC Romania joined the ECC-net to support European consumers when making cross-border purchases. Our role is to give free legal advice in cross-border commerce issues and to try solving amicably the complaints we receive from Romanian and other EU member states citizens.

ECC RomaniaWhat can ECC Romania do?

  • Information: it can give advice to consumers regarding their rights or practical information when travelling through EU – from renting a car, buying a travel package or a flight, to making an online purchase.
  • Support in solving a complaint: when consumers have a complaint against a trader based in another EU member state, ECC Romania can cooperate with other Centres from the ECC-Net in order to facilitate an amicable solution for the problems.
  • Advice: if an amicable solution is not possible, ECC Romania can give advice regarding the paths to follow – mediation, European small claims procedure (for claims under 2000 EUR), European Payment Order or appealing to another body.
  • Consumers’ complaints against companies based in the EU can only be accepted if they are rezidents or citizens of another EU member state (plus Norway and Iceland) and if the community law applies.
  • All services offered by the European Consumer Centres are free.

What cannot ECC Romania do?

  • It cannot force the trader to act – it tries convincing it in an amicable way (which it manages in at least half of the cases)
  • It cannot legally represent consumers (for example, in front of the court)
  • It cannot accept the complaint if the trader is based in the consumer’s residence country
  • It cannot act if the trader is based outside EU (for example in Canada or USA)

What other activities has ECC Romania?

  • When it is needed, ECC Romania gives access to translation services.
  • ECC Romania cooperates with the other networks existing at the EU level and offering essential information on the European Union, the national legislations and the jurisprudence – European Judicial Network tries to improve the implementation of the civil and commercial rules, SOLVIT deals with problems that arise in the case of Internal Market rules breach, and FIN-Net is an extrajudicial network for financial services. 
  • Giving direct information on interest subjects for consumers, ECC Romania gives the European Commission a feedback regarding the consumer protection policy.
  • ECC Romania realizes, along with the other Centres in the ECC-Net, cross-border comparisons on different issues, such as prices, legislation etc.

How is ECC Romania funded?

ECC Romania is cofunded by the European Commission and the Romanian Government, through the National Authority for Consumers’ Protection. ECC Romania functions inside the National Authority for Consumers’ Protection.

This website was funded by the European Union’s Consumer Programme (2014-2020).

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