To start the ODR Platform, you must send a complaint through the online form available on the ODR Platform.  The complaint can be sent in any of the 23 official languages of the EU. Before starting is advisable to try solving the problem directly with the trader and by using the ECC Network.

After you sent the complaint through the ODR Platform, it will be sent by the Platform to the trader, so you must be careful to insert its correct e-mail address. The trader has 10 days to answer. If he accepts to solve the dispute this way, he'll make a proposition of one or more ADR entities. Together you have 30 days to come to an understanding regarding the ADR entity which will solve the dispute.

If you agreed on the ADR entity, the Platform will send it the complaint.

If the trader does not answer in the 10 days period you can contact the ODR Contact Point to be advised on how to proceed. The same, if you cannot agree on the ADR entity, the complaint will be closed and you can contact the ODR Contact Point.

After the complaint is sent by the Platform to the ADR entity, it has 3 weeks to decide if it will handle or not the dispute. During this time it is possible you will be asked documents or supplementary information.

The complaint can be rejected in the following cases:

  • you did not contact first the trader, in order to try solving the case;
  • the complaint is inopportune or insulting;
  • the complaint is or it was handled by another ADR entity or by a court;
  • the value of the request is under a certain treshold;
  • he value of the request is over a certain treshold;
  • the entity will be less efficient if it would handle this type of complaint.

If it accepts to handle the dispute, the ADR entity has 90 days to solve the complaint.