Consumer complaints Romania

Consumer complaints in Romania

Are you traveling to Romania? Do you know who can help you in case you would have a problem as a consumer with product or service you bought from a Romanian trader?

Safety of services and products EU

Safety of products and services in the EU

Is this toy safe for my child? Can I trust a certain product does not use dangerous chemicals? The EU legislation protects you and ensures the products you buy are safe.

Hotels in Romania

Hotels in Romania

If you travel to Romania there are some things you may need to know about how hotels are regulated and what services you will receive for 3 stars categories. Found out more information here.

Flyer Package travel EN

Let’s travel safely, together

ECC Romania offers you some advice for an unforgettable holiday alone or with your loved ones.

Flyer ODR EN

A platform for your online problems

The ODR Platform helps you find solutions for your problems when buying online from the EU or in your residence country.

Flyer ECC RO

Your safety network

Do you know how ECC Romania can help you solve your cross-border consumer problems?

Flyer APR

Have a safe flight with us

Cancelled flights, delays, lost or damaged luggage – do you know your rights when traveling by plane?

ECC-Net Report 2005-2015

ECC-Net Report 2005-2015 shows the Centres’ accomplishments during the 10 years passed since the Network was founded.

ECC-Net 2013 annual report

ECC-Net 2013 annual report shows what the European Consumer Centres have done during this time.

Chargeback in the UE/EEA

ECC-Net joint report presents information on how the chargeback applies in the EU.

ECC-Net 2012 annual report

ECC-Net 2012 annual report shows what the European Consumer Centres have done during this time.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Air Passenger Rights sector

This ECC-Net joint project analyses the activity of alternative dispute resolution entities in the APR sector.

European Small Claims Procedure Report

This ECC-Net joint project analyses the way the European Small Claims Procedure is used in practice.

Ski Resorts in Europe 2012/13

This ECC-Net joint project gives consumers information on the most important ski resorts in Europe.

Advice for consumers buying online

The information sheet presents the most common situations when buying online and advice for consumers buying online.

The European Online Marketplace – Consumer Complaints 2010-2011

This ECC-Net joint project analyses the European online market and the consumers complaints during 2010-2011.

Online Cross-Border Mystery Shopping – State of the e-Union

This ECC-Net joint project analyses the way traders selling online are comply with consumers rights.

Comparison of minimum criteria for 3-star hotels in the EU

This ECC-Net joint project compares the minimum classification criteria for hotels in the EU and gives information to consumers.