Irina Chiritoiu

Irina Chirițoiu, Director ECC Romania

In 2016 I reached 10 years of continuous activity in the consumer protection field. My ascension was smooth, but sure, starting with being a full member in the Management Council for the Pro Consumers Association, to that of public relations specialist and finally to Director of the European Consumer Centre Romania starting 2011.

In the Centre I’m responsible for elaborating the development strategy and applying the activity plan leading to their fulfillment, developing and keeping the working relationships with all stakeholders both at national and European level.

My perfect day is when I come to the office and have a lot to do. I like to listen and find solutions for problems consumers contacting ECC Romania have and not only. I like when my advice materializes in smiles on consumers’ faces.

Beautiful moments with the ECC Team – daily

Advice given – millions

Events and meetings – too many 🙂

Elena Moise

Elena Moise, Lawyer ECC Romania

16 years ago I started the collaboration with the Association Pro Consumers, ECC Romania’s host organization. During this time I was involved in differerent consumer protection specific projects, I contributed to the creation of a legislative data base in the consumer protection field, I drafted contracts, protocols, deals and any other legal acts for the Association and I participated in the initiation and analysis of legislative projects applicable in the consumer protection field.

Since 2008, when I started working as a lawyer in the European Consumer Centre Romania, my activity concentrated in giving general and specific consumer advice, involvement in the amicable solution of cross-border consumer issues, but also in the translation to a simple and accessible language for consumers of the European legislation.

Number of cross-border complaints in which I was involved – over 1200

Number of brochures I created – 20

Number of years since I joined ECC Romania – 8

Mihai Titichi

Mihai Titichi, Jurist/Case-handler ECC Romania

I have an experience of 13 years in the consumer protection field. I started as voluntary, in 2003, and after 4 months I joined Association Pro Consumers’ team as a legal adviser. My activity included, among others, advice and information given to consumers, analysis and answers to legislative projects, articles on consumer protection or workshops with traders.

I’m with ECC Romania since the beginning and my responsibilities include assistance for consumers in cross-border issues, drafting articles and information materials and many other specialized things. You can usually find me chained to the phone, so my voice will your first contact with the Centre.

In rare cases when I’m allowed to roam freely I look after the office flowers.

I always forget to wear my glasses when working on the computer.

Number of cross-border complaints in which I was involved – over 950

Number of brochures I created – 20

Number of years since I joined ECC Romania – 8

Sabin Chiritoiu

Sabin Chirițoiu, Jurist/Case-handler ECC Romania

Since 2015, I work as legal adviser in the European Consumer Centre Romania. Before, I was editor of Intelligent Life Romania, exclusive license of “The Economist”, between 2014-2015 and travel specialist between 2010 -2014. From February 2016 I am a member of the Internet Consumers Consultative Group, organized by Google.

I graduated the Law Faculty from “Nicolae Titulescu” University in Bucharest and the master in the same University with a specialization in Commercial Law.

In the European Consumer Centre Romania I am responsible with giving Romanian consumers legal advice and with handling complaints regarding cross-border consumer issues.

Number of cross-border complaints in which I was involved – 98

Number of information requests on cross-border and national issues – 238

1 years and a half since I joined ECC Romania

Laura Pascu

Laura Pascu, PR Magician

I’m PR Magician and I’m handling the contacts with journalists and ECC Romania media partners. I’m the first contact point for media requests, I keep in touch with the journalists and give interviews. My life goes on among article, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio appearances and many coffees with journalists. I love to travel and in my free time I paint boxes and gift them to my friends.

I’m with ECC Romania since the beginning, in 2008, after having worked 6 years previously in the consumer protection field. I write articles and e-mails and I never hear what others say around me, even if they speak with me. I speak on the phone and my colleagues in the same time I post on Facebook. I stole my colleagues pens and the coffee teaspoons and, yes, I always lose my coffee mug which I find later on my colleagues’ desks.

Hours spoken on the phone each year – 928

Coffees had with journalists – 365

TV appearances – many many

Roxana MarinuČ™

Roxana MarinuČ™, Economist/Support Staff

My experience with Association Pro Consumers, the European Consumer Centre Romania – ECC Romania host organization, started in 2007 when I was a student in the fourth year and a volunteered to organize an event in the field of the consumer protection in Poiana Brasov. After this event I was hired as public relations specialist.

Since 2008 when the Centre was opened, I left behind the activity as public relations specialist and took over the responsibilities of the financial activity in the Centre. Everybody knows what an economist does, so it’s no use for me to explain!

Besides financial activities, I handle the e-mails and letters received from consumers (I send acknowledgement receipts) and after that I send the cases to my colleagues.

I like to make coffee in the office, in particular due to the fact all my colleagues say it’s the best.

Number of payments made in a year – 312

Number of e-mails sent and received in 2016 – over 1100

Number of diacritical marks added to my colleagues’ texts – millions

Mircea Cristea

Mircea Cristea, IT/Support Staff

I am the mastermind behind all images, responsible for all visual content from concept to videos. I am very fond of drawing, designing and creating stuff like that. I work since 2006 in (guess what) graphic design and illustration, and since 2012 I joined the ECC Romania team. And yes, I appreciate that you like ECC Romania’s infographics, roll-ups, posters :).

Having graduated the Electronics and IT faculty from Bucharest, I am also responsible for the website’s administration, and the whole IT networking from inside the office. So, if your messages don’t get to us it’s me to blame….or the communication company :).

Layout for information materials – 56

Yearly posts on the website – ~100

Songs listened in the office – 5x4x12x8x4 = 7680 / year